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Earlobe – Chin – Side Bum Elegance – Eyebrows Stomach Strip – Nostril Nirvana – Upper Lip

Chin or Side Burn Elegance or EyebrowsChoose Earlobe Elegance waxing to accentuate your natural chin beauty or smooth away unwanted sideburns or eyebrows.

Price $10 per area (men + $10)
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BikiniLine – Buttocks – Shoulder – Underarm 

Precision for your refinement.

Price $20 per area (men + $10)
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Bikini – Hairless Back – Face – Lower Leg

Her Hairless Back: Boost your confidence with precise bikini waxing or attain back perfection.

Price $30 per area (men + $10)
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Brazilian – Stomach – Full Arm Refinement

Full Radiance Achieve ultimate smoothness for both intimate areas or reveal radiant facial skin with full-face waxing.

Price $40 per area (men + $10)
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Full Leg Transformation

Experience premium leg waxing for irresistibly smooth results

Price $65 (male + $10)
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Elegance Package

Eyebrows, Upper Lips, and Underarms/Chin:   Embrace facial elegance with this grooming package, perfecting your facial features.

Price $35

Him Package

Full-back, chest, ear, nose, eyebrow: Elevate your facial grooming with this tailored package for men, ensuring a refined and polished look.

Price $125